Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Does Your Rental Really Need Them?

Michael Anthony Properties Should you consider installing carbon monoxide detectors in your rental property even though your property may not really need them? The answer to this question is, yes. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your rental property is a SMART choice to make, because they could save your tenants life if carbon monoxide finds its way into the rental property. A Smart Choice Yes, some owners may not want to install carbon monoxide detectors if they don’t have gas heaters in their rental properties, but over the last 10 years, these detectors have saved the lives of countless people [...]

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8 Must Haves For New Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing is once again a viable strategy, given that the housing market has left the malaise of 2008 behind. With that said, it’s important for newcomers to the industry to be able to sift through the mountain of early considerations to make sure you don’t waste time, money and effort in establishing your list of clientele. The following eight keys are designed to help you optimize your efforts; starting with building a foundation to ease the learning curve.  Michael Anthony Properties offers the best in San Diego Property Management.   1. Define Your Real Estate Goals If you’re [...]

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Should landlords accept pets at their San Diego rental properties?

Currently, it’s not uncommon for most people who are searching for homes for rent in San Diego to also have pets. Sadly, there are fewer pet-friendly rental properties these days because some owners, and San Diego Property Management companies, do not allow pets. Allowing pets in a rental property is a good idea especially for these reasons: Reason #1 – The Listing Will Attract an Additional 70% More Renters Since there’s a lot of rental properties in San Diego that don’t allow pets, a pet-friendly rental property will without a doubt attract the interest of up to 70% more renters who are searching for pet-friendly rentals in [...]

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