Three Important Steps For Dealing With A Resident’s Complaint

One of the many duties that you'll oversee when you work as a property manager at a residential property management company is fielding complaints from tenants. Ideally, these situations will be few and far between — and the better job that you do, the less likelihood there will be of a tenant wanting to meet with you to voice a concern. However, when issues do occasionally arise, it's valuable to have a reliable strategy in place for dealing with the situation. How you deal with a resident's complaint goes a long way toward keeping him or her happy, which is important. [...]

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3 Tips To Prevent Your Tenants From Paying Rent Late As a landlord, it is probably important to you to ensure that you are paid your rent in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some tenants do get in the habit of paying rent late. If this is something that you are concerned about, consider these tips for preventing your tenants from paying their rent after the due date. Michael Anthony Properties offers aggressive rent collection for San Diego Property Management 1. Choose the Right Tenants for Your Properties Of course, it is not possible to be 100 percent sure that a tenant who moves into your unit will pay [...]

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Rising Rents in San Diego

It's expensive to rent in San Diego - especially if you want to live by the beach. But a new study from real-estate tracker Trulia is warning that rents are rising the fastest in more affordable areas. For instance, rent is dropping in higher priced areas like Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas, but it's up between 7 and 9 percent over the year in more affordable areas, like La Mesa, Clairemont, and Mission Valley. The median for San Diego County, which includes single-family homes and apartments, is now $2,600, up 4 percent annually. “We’ve started to see cooling in a [...]

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