Are you planning on renting out your home? As a professional San Diego Property Management company, we can tell you that it may take up to 60 days to rent your home.

What to Expect When Renting Your Home

Homes in San Diego can take 30-60 days to rent due to the following factors:

Location – Homes which are closer to the freeway, near good schools or stores may rent faster than other condos for rent or homes in rural areas.

Price – There’s no doubt that price always plays a factor when renting a home because that’s the first thing a prospective tenant will look at before considering if a rental is right for them or not.

To avoid overpricing your rental it’s best to study comparable properties in the area just to make sure that you’re going to rent your home for a great price.

Condition – Is your San Diego rental property in “less than ideal” condition? If so, you should take the time to get your property cleaned and in pristine condition before renting it out because a clean property will be easier to rent than one that’s in poor condition.

Demand – Yes, it’s true that demand for rental properties in Southern California has been huge in the last 5 years but, depending on when you read this article, demand may have declined. It’s best to keep demand for rental properties in mind and lower your rent (within reason) to attract more interest if needed.

Lease – Last of all, but most important, your lease will play a big part in if you are able to rent your property quickly or not especially if it has stringent terms like no pets or no smoking. The term of your lease may also deter some tenants from taking an interest in your property too, especially if you’re not willing to rent your home for at least a year.

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